“Some Day” Never Happens

I keep hearing people say the words, “Some Day”. “Some Day I want to travel”, or “Some Day” I want to start a business”, or “Some Day I’ll learn to do something. For most people “Some Day” will never come. Why? Because “Some Day” isn’t planned. When I hear some one say “Some Day” I always ask, “Why not Tuesday, or Thursday, or this weekend! Why not just say to heck with it, it’s time to my business now, start watching tutorials to learn some thing, print your business cards, make a web site, just DO some thing.  If we don’t make plans on when we are going to do some thing, we’ll end up dying one day never having done any thing. The world is full of people who wanted to try things. So, set a day and tell yourself that’s the day you’ll start, the day you’ll print your business cards or the day you start watching tutorials, or maybe this weekend take your bike and travel around your home town, next week go a little farther, but just DO something.

Dong something gives us hope. Hope motivates us, and motivation moves us forward. And if you don’t succeed, then at least you’ll live a life filled with hope and excitement. So, what is it you want to do? Now, pick a day, get away from the couch, and start doing it.

What is it you’ve always wanted to do? Start off small if you have to, take tiny steps, pretty soon they’ll turn into bigger steps and you’ll have found yourself getting some where. No more excuses, it’s time to get started. Leave a comment and share what it is you’re Going to do! It’ll motivate you to get started!

And hey, don’t forget to check out our website! Pipeline Design Our some day already got here.

Some Day


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