I Could Really Use Your Help

Hey guys, and gals, I could really use your help. (No money! lol). I’m getting ready to add a bunch of really cool stuff for you. I’ve been on the phone and email with some companies that sell hardware, laptops, computers, and software. I want to start a bi weekly drawing and just give stuff away for free. No money involved, no strings attached, just to do something nice for people. Every two weeks I’ll just do a drawing send one of you something totally cool for free, no strings attached I promise.

Here’s the problem I really need help with. I don’t make any money with this Blog, I’m happy to do it, all I need is more subscribers so companies would be more willing to donate stuff. They said if I can bring in some more subscribers they’d be willing to donate, all I have to do is mention the companies name.

If I can get you guys to subscribe and forward this blog to your friends, Twitter list, Facebook, emails, anything, then the companies will start donating stuff.

So, I believe people are generally good and willing to help each other when someone needs help. All I ask is for you guys to help me by spreading the word when you can and lets get even more people here, then these businesses would be willing to donate free stuff. (They say it’s good advertising for them). I’m getting nothing from this, no money, no fame, just the satisfaction of helping people for no reason other than to just be nice.

So, what do you think, would you mind just forwarding this to one friend for me? I’m betting a bunch of you would help me out. And thanks guys, you guys rock, now lets go get some free stuff. Tell me in the comment section what you’re most interested in and I promise to deliver. I’m spending the next few days trying to get more subscribers, but you guys can help even more than me. Have a great day, and thanks so much for helping someone out! You guys rock!

Hey, check out the website, it’s getting better! The more subscribers I have, the more I’ll do.  I’m spending this week adding more and more cool stuff, starting with giving stuff away!  I’ll let you know how it goes this week ok. Have a Great Day man!  Pipeline Design




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