Self Confidence

I have to say something about this. I know I’ve mentioned this before. This seems to be a bigger issue these days than I realized. Not about being confident, but the issue of not having confidence in yourself.

I recently was having an issue in a technical area that I was very new to. I sought the help of professionals in the field as well as a number of 4th year college students (hoping they might have access to the answer through an instructor). I ended up starting a very lengthy conversation with a number of people over how to find the answer I was looking for. Every suggestion was different. I looked in to each avenue suggested only to get no where.

I finally decided that some how, I was going to find my own solution. After several pots of coffee, and several hours of getting it wrong, I found the answer. The problem wasn’t in my lack of technical experience in that particular area. It seems the problem as in a having a lack of confidence in my self to find a solution. I am a firm believer in asking for help when needed. However, all it took was a little self confidence and a unique perspective of the issue at hand. We all see things differently, from different sides of the coin. Some times, all it takes is that uniqueness, seeing something from your view, and not the view of others.

Give yourself some credit, no matter how new you might be to something. Technical skills can be learned, but your unique views can’t be, they are worth their weight in gold.



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